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Welcome to PowerRacks.org! Power racks are incredible pieces of equipment that can vastly empower any workout. From Olympic athletes and serious weightlifters to personal trainers and those looking to build muscle and strength, a power rack is the necessary tool for anyone looking to get the most out of every exercise. It enables safe and effective training, in the gym and at home.

For more information and answers to questions on power racks, please browse the links below.

What is a Power Rack? 
Explanation of power racks.

How Power Racks Are Commonly Used 
Descriptions of how people use power racks in their fitness routine.

Power Rack Exercises and Workouts 
Specific exercises utilizing your power rack.

Buying a Power Rack 
What to look for when purchasing a power rack, and where to get a power rack of your own.

Building a Power Rack 
Tips on building your own power rack.