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Building a Power Rack

You know how weightlifters use power racks to maximize their workouts, and some great exercises to incorporate a power rack into your routine. Now lets look at building one for yourself.

Knowing what you need

Power racks can be expensive, but purchasing one is not your only option if you would like to add one to your home gym or workout center. Building a rack is a project you can accomplish. A good quality rack can be built from sturdy wood for around $150, whereas power racks and cages purchased from a manufacturer start at over twice that much. Bear in mind if you plan to create your own wooden rack, the craftsmanship required is not slipshod and the materials used are not weak 2 x 4s. When built and maintained properly, a handmade rack or cage will not only be safe but also last a very long time.

Before you rush out to Home Depot to collect your lumber, consider the tools you will need:

• Tape measure
• Hand saw
• Heavy duty electric drill with bits
• Ratchet and socket set
• Table saw
• Accessories such as clamps, sawhorses, etc to make working easier

You will also need to ensure that you have enough space not only to house your new power rack but also to make and construct it. A large, flat workspace is necessary.


All the materials you will need can be found at your local Home Depot, Lowes, etc. For lumber, choose high grade wood. Though it costs more, it serves as the base, frame, and load bearing structure of your rack. It is well worth the cost to purchase high quality lumber. You need at least framing grade 2 x 6 wood; check for knots and splits and opt for the straightest cuts you can find. Eight pieces of this lumber will make up the main part of the cage. Buy extra to brace and secure the fixture once it is constructed. You will also need several pieces of steel piping, piping fitters, and washers, and of course a wide variety of heavy duty wood screws.

This should give you a general idea of the types of materials and tools you will need to complete the job. A full list of supplies and a detailed set of instructions, complete with pictures, can be found at this site:


The plans are easy to read and understand. You will be enjoying a power rack in your home gym in no time at all!