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Buying a Power Rack

You know what a power rack is and how to use it. You know some great ways to incorporate it into your routine. Now lets take a look at some tips on buying a power rack of your own.

Determining what you need

A power rack would make a great addition to any home gym if you have the space for it. Before purchasing one, measure out the area you intend to place the rack to ensure that it will fit comfortably. 7 ft x 4 ft x 5ft are the average dimensions for most power cages. Keep in mind that you will also need plenty of space for weights and movement. If you wish to add any accessories to the cage, remember that things like chin up bars require even more height. Take your specific needs into account. Consider the amount of weight you will be using, as different racks have different weight capacities. The drilled hole spacing on the frame will also determine what rack you require, as of course smaller spacing provides more flexibility and options during workouts. You can also purchase step platforms, dip bars, and extra hooks for convenient storage of weights and bands.

Once you are knowledgeable about what you need and are prepared to buy your power cage, the most important thing to check for is stability in the structure. The cage will be handling large loads and an unsteady framework can turn a great piece of equipment into a serious hazard. A solid, strong model is essential.

Popular Brands and Models of Power Racks

One of the most popular with professionals and in-home users alike is Powertec. These racks are built to last and are widely considered a worthwhile investment. They offer a huge range of accessories and are the foundation of an Olympic weight set up. While not advised for the average user who is simply looking to improve fitness, they offer professionals and serious lifters everything needed for heavy workouts and solid muscle and strength building.

Body Solid
Body Solid has racks that are simple to use and are priced just under Powertec’s options.

Hammer Strength
Hammer Strength machines feature racks with an open design, and offer a squat rack that is completely separate from the power rack. This is a pricier option, though they remain competitive with other brands depending on the model power rack you are considering.


Prices can range from $400 to a few thousand depending on a variety of factors. There are several different kinds of power cages to choose, from the simple to the elaborate. A wide range of accessories adds to the versatility of the equipment, and also to the price tag. Many power cages come with the option of attaching a smaller, separate squat rack onto the structure that creates two distinct areas in which to perform your various exercises. Of course, brand names can impact prices as well. If you are unsure of which power rack is appropriate for you, be sure to consult a professional and ask questions.

Maybe you have a more do-it-yourself spirit, or want to be able to fully customize you power cage. Lets take a look at some options for building your own power rack.