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How Power Racks Are Commonly Used

You know what a power rack is and how it works. Here are some instances, both professional and personal, where you might find a power rack in use.

Professional use

Power racks are used in a variety of places, by many different people. Since the invention of the modern rack, bodybuilders and weightlifters have made use of them as they excel at building strength and muscle mass. Professional and Olympic athletes often train on a power cage or squat rack to break through weak points or plateaus. Cages are also found in gyms and fitness centers, where users not only lift weights but put the equipment’s versatility to the test; many use the rack’s chin up and pull up bars or other accessories but skip the heavy lifting.

Power Racks in the Home Gym

Power racks are also good for home gyms. Users can perform many different exercises and their variations safely without a spotter. The rack makes working out convenient, allowing for bench presses, squats, etc, even while alone. They are considerably safer and produce better results than a similar-looking workout tool, a machine called the Smith Machine. Though it resembles a power cage, the Smith Machine is just that – a machine, which makes it vastly different from a cage or rack that implements free weights. Instead of free weights, the Smith Machine has a fixed bar. Besides simply providing a less effective workout, there are several other reasons why a power rack is superior to a Smith Machine. The machine causes bad habits and forms and can lead to the following:

• Less muscle, strength built and muscle imbalances (as the bar is on a fixed plane)

• Cannot improve upon balance as the set bar balances itself and the user; can’t improve stability

• Forced positions and unnatural movements

• Severe knee and back strain or injury

It is clear that because it provides freedom of movement, natural stances, and eliminates most of the dangers associated with free weights, the power rack is the ideal choice for weight lifting. Whether in professional training, at the gym, or in the home, a Smith Machine just does not match up to the versatility and safety of the rack.

These are some great reasons to have a power rack for home use. Now lets take a look at some specific exercises and workouts that utilize power racks.