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Power Rack Exercises and Workouts

Power racks were developed as a way to safely complement and diversify a workout. Now lets examine some exercises and workouts that utilize power racks.

Power Rack Safety

When used properly, this piece of equipment can produce incredible results. It is an excellent tool for breaking through plateaus in training, as the adjustable bars allow for a variety of starting positions throughout any exercise. The key is to choose the right exercises for your specific workout program and needs, and to not overtrain. The rack makes it very easy to overload weights while training, which is excellent for muscle growth if used periodically and minimally. Work with a low number of sets and reps, and only lock out on movements after being warmed up properly. Partial movements should only be done after the full range of movement has been completed. As with any exercise, be sure that your form is correct to avoid strain or worse injury.

Exercises and Workouts

The power cage is best used for flat and inclined bench presses and front and back squats, as well as variations of these two workouts. The value of the cage is for the user to be capable of eliminating the reliance on a human spotter, and so it is best designed for these two fundamental exercises. Of course, the power rack can effectively be used for a number of other exercises, with or without a spotter. Often when working within a rack, having a partner present is a matter of personal preference. However, it is always ideal to have someone present in case of a serious emergency.

Here are some additional exercises that can be performed with the power rack:

• Dead Lifts and Military Lifts

• Shrugs and Calf Raises

• Curls

• Rows

• Shoulder Presses

• Dips and Jerks

• Various Dumbbell Exercises

Incorpororating a power rack into your workout is a great way to safely increase your muscle growth by maximizing your workout. Now lets take a look at some resources to purchase a power rack for your home gym.